BJJ, More Than Self Defence

More Than Self Defence

Martial Arts activities are commonly known for being self defence skills, and a common way to gain the confidence and techniques to be able to protect yourself from harmful people. When asking many of my fellow BJJ family and friends as to why they started the Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it was surprising to hear the answer was to “essentially feel safe”.

Pacific Top Team, Self DefenceA good friend of mine started her journey to feel safer by learning self defence while working as a prison guard; and another woman came out of an abusive relationship and said “never again”. One young adolescent was sick and tired of being bullied and decided to put their fate in their own hands rather than be ridiculed by a power hungry “meanie”. Another friend, a Psychiatric Nurse, who wanted to learn the skills for personal reasons at work. We all know someone that has been through similar struggles or safety concerns –  in fact it may have been you. There is no doubt that self defence is one of the greatest life skills you can give yourself, even if it’s a few techniques.

 What most people don’t realize, that while learning a martial art for self defence, there is a self transformation somewhere early along the BJJ road that happens with little realization that it’s happening. As you trust in your commitment, training, coaches and professors; this new sense of confidence and self worth takes over. The truth is; everyone is there for the same reason! To progress. It’s liberating to know that when you show up ready to give it your all, 10-20 other people are there to do the same, regardless of rank. And your team is there to help you every step of the way.


What You Will Gain From BJJ 








Jiu-Jitsu is a way of life. Some literally eat, sleep, breathe BJJ; while others use it as an outlet to find balance in their life. Either way, it becomes an essential part of living. And yes, most of us have started from the simple desire to learn self defence.

Everyone should give this “gentle art” a chance at least once in their life. Be careful though, you may fall in love. You can not change your past; but you can write your future. Self Defence or not!

Pacific Top Team Kelowna will be offering an anti-bullying/self defence course on September 20th 2014 along with many other fun activities, seminars and more! Click Here for more info. 

Thanks for Reading, Dani Kuntz

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