Give Yourself Credit – Motivation in BJJ

Motivation in BJJ will be the one attribute that sets you apart from the rest, the more hours you put in, the more confident you will be. Whether you are a white belt, or have been practicing BJJ for years; you need to give yourself credit for taking the initiative to step foot into your academy. Jiu-jitsu may be one of the most challenging (and rewarding) sports. Everyone has a different journey, and we all move through the ranks at a different pace. We are all unique.

The art of jiu-jitsu requires mental and physical strength, perseverance, patience, determination and the ability to leave all your worries at the door. Once you step on the mats, your only concern is to learn and evolve.

If your team mate gets promoted before you, that’s OKAY, they may have spent 10 hours a week training, meanwhile you areMotivation in BJJ lucky to get to one class. Injuries can be a set back, life happens. Just never lose sight of why you starting BJJ, and especially why you love it.

There is undeniable beauty in the concept of being a part of something that truly is for everyone. Ages 4-100, you are welcome to practice and respected by your peers and team mates, regardless of size, gender, race, religion,  income level, athleticism (or lack of), disability, sexual orientation. The one thing that WILL give you a disadvantage is a negative I-know-everything-look-at-me attitude. We can all see through that. Oh, and being good looking will not make you better at jiu-jitsu.

It’s Your Time to Shine

Once that motivation in BJJ starts to shine, the rest will come. Train often, listen with your mind and your heart, and commit yourself wholly. Warm ups and drilling are equally as important as technique, and roll any chance you can. Don’t forget to give yourself credit for being a good training partner. In retrospect; give your partners the equal credit and respect they deserve. At the end of the day they are equally responsible for your progress.

Children who train BJJ have this pure innocence each time they show up for class, expecting to learn something new and opening their mind to the teachings. We can all benefit from thinking like a child; fearless, focused, and the simple notion of having fun in class. Find the Motivation in BJJ, and never lose sight of your goals.

-Dani Kuntz

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